Oct 23, 2012

halloween nail art !!....

Get Polished: Horrific

Halloween Nail Art


Hey guys!

Since Halloween is a chance to go all out, it’s also the perfect holiday for nail art. Nail art + Halloween = A match made in manicure heaven! LOL

For today’s blog I’ve rounded up five spooky, scary, and totally cute Halloween nail ideas that you’re sure to love. But the very best thing about these five ideas I’m about to show you? You can actually do them yourself! They’re all SUPER easy and have 4 steps or less. Check it out!!!

Frankenstein Fingertips

1. Paint your entire nail Frankenstein green (or use tape to paint only the top portion like in the picture).
2. Using a black nail art pen or fine-point permanent marker, carefully draw the stitches on.

Spooky Eyeball Mani
1. Paint your entire nail black.
2. Using a nail dotter tool or toothpick, paint two large, white dots on each nail.
3. Using your toothpick again, paint a smaller black dot in each white circle.

Sweet as Can Be Candy Corn Nails
1. Paint your entire nail white.
2. Using tape to get a straight line, paint the top two thirds of your nail orange.
3. Using the tape again, paint the top third of your nail white.

Googly Eye Accent Mani
1. Paint all of your nails except for the ring fingers red (or another color of your choosing).
2. Coat your ring finger with clear nail polish.
3. Using a manicure stick dipped in clear nail polish, pick up the googly eyes and place them on your ring finger nail, one by one.
4. Top off your eyes with another coat of clear polish.

Morbid Mummy Manicure
1. Paint your entire nail nude.
2. Draw on your mummy bandages using a white nail art pen or a brush very lightly dipped in white polish.
3. Add your eyes just like you did in the Spooky Eyeball Mani.

Nail Art Tip: Always let your polish dry completely between coats!

Are you going to try any of these?
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