Oct 22, 2012

fresh face

Fresh Face : a routine of every day !


Hey guys!

Everyone’s skin is different, and it’s constantly changing as we grow up. While not everything will work for everyone, there are a few basic things you should be including in your daily routine to help keep your skin happy, clear and fresh. Here they are:

1. Fill up on that H2O! This poster is so perfect and so true.

2. Now that you’re drinking all that water, you need a cute bottle to put it in! If you like what you’re drinking out of, you’ll probably drink more of it!

3. This should go without saying, but wash your face!! EVERYONE should be doing this already. You can’t really go wrong with a basic and gentle cleanser.

4. Apply SPF. I know you want that nice tan, but trust me, this is important. Just make sure to put it on after you’ve washed your face or your skin will get dry.

5. Catch your zzz’s. Sleep is an important time not only to relax and reflect, but also to stay fresh faced and perky.
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