Oct 25, 2012

5 new style rules to try (part1)

5 new style rules to try (part1)


Match Your Lips to Your Dress

True, being too coordinated with your clothes and makeup can smack of a faux pas, but there's an easy, super-stylish side step: Zero in on just your pout, and paint it a shade taken from your outfit. Best to stick with timeless reds or rich, deep tones; steer clear of bubblegum pinks and frosty hues, which could push the look into costume territory.

Look of the Day photo | Let Your Ends Hang Out

Let Your Ends Hang Out

A ballerina bun doesn't have to be picture-perfect. Gently fray hair tips from a topknot for "an easy, youthful style that won't look like you're trying too hard," says N.Y.C. hairstylist Benoit Moeyaert. Start by applying texturizer, like Redken's Rough Clay 20 Matte, to strands before gathering into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Twist into a low bun, and secure with an elastic band and U pins, using your fingers to fan out the ends.

Look of the Day photo | Go Strapless For Day

Go Strapless For Day

Pull out a versatile clutch to use from nine-to-five. "It's a fresh, modern alternative to an oversize bag," says Jimmy Choo founder and chief creative officer Tamara Mellon. Make sure the clutch is roomy enough to fit all your workday essentials and avoid materials that feel too formal, like dressy satin or allover sequins. Bright leathers or chic prints can transition beautifully from the afternoon into the evening.

Look of the Day photo | Show Off Your Hem

Show Off Your Hem

Yes, an overcoat is meant to protect you from the elements, but unless there's a torrential downpour, forget the old edict that it must always be longer than your skirt. Instead, allow some edging to peek from underneath. The key is to keep the look polished: Choose a coat that nips in at the waist, and make sure its color is compatible with your skirt.

Look of the Day photo | Rock Socks with Skirts

Rock Socks with Skirts

It's a playful trend that's all over the runways, so put away your opaque tights and try ankle socks with leg-baring outfits. Start out easy by matching them to the color of your shoes— it will almost look like you're wearing booties. For a bolder statement, choose ones similar to the shades in your outfit. Steer clear of noisy prints or ruffles, or risk looking too "schoolgirl."
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