Dec 16, 2013

Romance Rumor: Niall Horan and Barbara Palvin!!!! :

Rumors say that Niall Horan of One Direction might be dating Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin.
Why the dating rumors? Niall and Barbara were spotted leaving an X Factor wrap party together in London Sunday night and witnesses said they were even holding hands while they waited for their car. 
They also went to play golf together and some spies told that they were kissing, hugging and holding hands.Horan and Palvin were also spotted on a movie date to see ‘Catching Fire’ recently, though Horan’s mom doesn’t think they’re too serious.

What do you think about this rumor?

The staff confirmed that the couple were there:
And then a spy tweeted:
Barbara Palvin (if that name sounds familiar it’s because she was linked to Justin Bieber just as he and Selena Gomez were breaking up the first time)

Horan’s mom doesn’t think they’re too serious.
She reportedly said, “I don’t think Niall is ready yet for a serious girlfriend. He’s a real happy-go-lucky lad. He wants to enjoy life and isn’t ready to settle into a steady relationship as far as I know just yet.” She added, “He’s a good gentle character himself. There are in that position where they’ll meet lots of people and girls. A girl he’ll go for dinner with here and to the pictures with there — but I’m not sure they are all girlfriends … When he has something to tell me, he’ll tell me.”

Niall and Barbara leaving the 'X Factor' after party
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