Nov 23, 2013


One Direction Talk 'Midnight Memories,' Fans, & the Future: The Billboard Cover Story Q&A

One Direction Talk 'Midnight Memories,' Fans, & the Future: The Billboard Cover Story Q&A.

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Congrats on "Midnight Memories"! What was it like taking a more active role in the writing process this time around?
Louis Tomlinson: Thank you! Yeah, I mean we've always wanted to get involved on the writing side and while we've been on tour this year we've been able to do that, we've written on 15 of the 18 tracks and we're really excited for everyone to hear them.

Liam Payne: Yeah, like Louis said, we've worked really hard on this album and been really involved so we're really looking forward to getting it out there. Performing these tracks as well we'll remember which city we were in when we wrote them and who was there, that'll be cool.

What are some ways your personal tastes in music personified themselves in these songs?

Harry Styles: I think we all have really different taste in music, Niall's really into his 80's rock and you know Zayn and Liam are more into R&B. I think you can really feel our musical influences throughout the album.
How are you feeling about the reception to "Story Of My Life" thus far?

Zayn Malik: It's been really amazing!

Louis: Yeah we're just glad everyone seems to like it. Ben Winston shot an amazing video for us, and all our families got to be in it too, so it's been a cool song for us to work on.
You've spent a lot more time in the States this past year – what have you enjoyed most about your time here?
Niall Horan: The sun. It's always sunny in America!
Liam: The waves — love the surf they have.
Louis: Same, love to surf whenever we have some downtime.
Zayn: The food.
Harry: Each city has something different to offer, I really loved Memphis.

You're about to go on a major stadium tour in 2014. How do you stay rested and focused on the road amidst all the travel and late-night recording sessions?
Harry: I don't think it's that hard to stay focused. We get to go to amazing places and work with great people, it's just really fun!
Zayn: Yeah I'm a night owl so the late-night recordings don't really bother me — as long as I can sleep in late!

"Don't Forget Where You Belong" is a particularly personal song. Do you get homesick a lot?
Niall: All the time, luckily I have my four bestmates on the road with me to keep me from getting lonely. But of course we all miss home at times. Who wouldn't, being on the road all year long? Wouldn't give it up for anything though.

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