Dec 31, 2012


 Grammy Awards

 American Music Awards 2011

 American Music Awards 2012

Justin Bieber camisa negra pantalones grises MTV EMA Belfast MTV EMA Belfast 2011

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Tatoos, of the boys of 1D (one direction)! :

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Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift :

Selena Gomez (@ SelenaGomez) and Taylor Swift (@ taylorswift13) are two usual at the best parties of the year and do not fail, they always appear on every red carpet perfect for passing. So we bring you the keys to dressing up this holiday season.

Selena Gomez: su cumpleaños más feliz gracias a la sorpresa

1. - The black and not cool. Put color to your outfit, not just the black is elegant.

2 - Being sexy does not have to mean a lot to teach or lead leg too much cleavage. Teach tricks like back or shoulders or carry transparencies are very very common.

3 - And if you put color 'bright', BEST, why do not you look like a Christmas tree.

4 - The comfort is important. To be used to the mythical perfect combination of white and black. Forget heels for a day and give a sexy touch to set pintándote red lips.


Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have given us four lessons easy to follow style. They love long dresses but if you do not like, do not worry, everything can be cut along and keep fit. Moreover, always or almost always tend to teach shoulders, no need to bring too much cleavage to be sexy. And vary greatly in color. No matter what your skin color is very clearly or slightly toasted any color can favor if you know how to combine it.

Behind the Scenes, Love you like a love song, SELENA GOMEZ!! :


Selena Gomez is on the list of most desirable women of 2013, it ranked 56 in the ranking of 99, according to the website AskMen.

The singer was positioned in 14th place in the list of 2012.

Emma Watson was ranked 29, Blake Lively arrived at position 13, Kristen Stewart reached # 7, while Rihanna was ranked the 4th place and Jennifer Lawrence established himself as the most desirable woman.

Selena Gomez has also been recognized as the best dressed for Seventeen magazine.

The actress will leave for a moment the performance during 2013, as it will focus on the launch of their new album.

Selena Gomez

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Chanel fragance nº 5 !!!

Dec 30, 2012

la vie est belle

La vie est belle! :

La vie est belle, the new fragrance from Lacome!

La vie est belle
French Expression (Life is Beautiful)

Philosophy of life and happiness or universal statement to the beauty of life.

Eau de parfum with natural ingredients noblest on a bed of fine delicacies.

Unique olfactory signature created exclusively for Lancôme by three of the greatest French perfumers.

Best Celebrities wallpapers : (3)

Best Celebrities Wallpapers : (2)

Nina Ricci :

Le Perfum of Nina Ricci : 

Cacharel perfumes! :

Caharel Perfumes!! :

Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana! :

Elixir by Shakira! :

Elixir by shakira; the new fragance!

Elixir, a new fragrance inspired Shakira
movements in their most sensual and exotic.
A powerful concentration of all his dreams
we embark on a journey into a world
hypnotic enveloped by desire and femininity
Shakira mightiest.

Valentina by Valentino :

Valentina by Valentino; assoluto and the eau de perfum.

Euphoria, of CK :

Euphoria, the mew fragance of Calvin Klein!

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